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This site/blog will tell the world more about my lovely son, named Agus Surya Yoewira or Yoe Wen Yang (his Chinese name). Beside uploading his photos and stories, I will also quote nice, spiritual and touching stories or articles from other resources. Hope this site/blog will be inspiring and useful for other moms in this world.
(Indonesian: Site/blog ini kupersembahkan oentoek putraku terkasih, Agus Surya Yoewira/Wen Yang. Walaupun tidak detail amat, akan selalu kutuliskan perkembangan dia baik melalui tulisan, cerita atau foto-foto. Selain itu ada macam-macam puisi, tantra, kalimat indah dan artikel-artikel yang semoga dapat berguna dan menjadi inspirasi bagi yang membacanya)


When you are sad, ………………. I will dry your tears
When you are scared, …………….. I will comfort your fears
When you are worried, …………… I will give you hope
When you are confused, ………….. I will help you cope
And when you are lost, …………… and cant’t see the light, I shall be your beacon….Shining ever so bright.
This is my oath………… I pledge till the end. Why you may ask? ……………… Because you’re my son.


Surya's reply :-D

Every love that you've been given to me
will never ever go away
coz your loves are
my spirit .......
my light ........
my destination ......
my guide ...........
my everything......


Surya's Slide Show! (new born until 2 years old)

28 March - Enjoy Motherhood!

Working mothers, full time mothers, half working mothers, working from home mothers, all kinds of mothers, you are made from the same core material, MOTHER.

What ever you do on in your spare time, you are still a MOTHER.
What ever decision you make, you will always be a MOTHER.

The reason we join such kind of mailing list about parents/ babies/ children is because we want to be a good MOTHER.

So no matter how far you go, and how bad you look, a MOTHER you are. Life is all about choices, and with each choice we choose, there is a consequence that follows and a victory that is celebrated. The consequence strengthens us. The victory glorifies us.

Lets just celebrate what we are now. Our babies do not care what we become, in their eyes, we are their MOTHERS.

There are 1,000,000 ways to love your babies, so if you cant do 1, you still have 999,999 other ways.

There is no such thing as BETTER MOTHER, only BEST MOTHERS, and that is YOU. YOU are the BEST MOTHER for YOUR BABIES.

I know I am, even though I am a working mother. My guilt haunted me. But when I go home and I see how my baby boy opens his arms to welcome me, I know in his eyes he doesn't see my solicitude.

In his eyes, I am only his MOTHER and I LOVE HIM, and in the end, isn't that all that matters?

So keep loving your babies in your own ways.

Enjoy motherhood!!!

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